April 5, 2009

Zeiss ZA 2.8/16-35mm vs Sony 1.4/35mm G, Minolta 2/35mm and Minolta 4-4.5/28-135mm.

At ArtaPhot.ch.
ArtaPhot: In an earlier test (Details see here) the Zeiss ZA 2.8/16-35mm proved to be clearly superior to its counterparts Minolta 3.5/17-35mm G and Minolta 2.8-4/17-35mm (D). While at 17mm/2.8 the Zeiss was really shining.(... Read more)
▶Zeiss ZA 2.8/16-35 vs Sony 1.4/35 G, Minolta 2/35 and 4-4.5/28-135100