January 28, 2012

Second test with the Canon EOS-1D X and the Nikon D4

Source: FenchelJanisch2.
Settings on both cameras:ISO 1600. Aperture F/2 + F/2.8. Shutter speed 1/50s


January 23, 2012

Nikon D4 vs. Nikon D7000: Video Comparison

FenchelJanisch2: First video comparison between the upcoming Nikon D4 an the in 2010 released Nikon D7000. We used the crop mode of the D4 to get the same focal length...


Nikon D4 Video - Little Freddie King, Livin' The Blues: Joe McNally Photography

Joe McNally: A short story of New Orleans Delta Blues musician, Little Freddie King. Shot entirely on Nikon's D4.

Joe McNally’s Blog


January 22, 2012

Sony Develops Next-generation Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor

Tokyo, Japan - January 23, 2012 - Sony Corporation (“Sony”) today announced that it has developed a new next-generation back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which embodies the continuous evolution of the camera. This image sensor layers the pixel section containing formations of back-illuminated structure pixels onto chips containing the circuit section for signal processing, which is in place of supporting substrates for conventional back-illuminated CMOS image sensors. (Read More...)


Olympus to revive OM brand for digital camera this spring.

TOKYO JAPAN, Jan. 19 (Kyodo) : Olympus Corp. plans to revive its once popular OM camera brand for its new digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera this spring, industry sources said Thursday.

The company is hoping that the new product will come to symbolize its recovery from the recent scandal involving its coverup of investment losses, they said.

Olympus launched the OM-1 single-lens reflex film camera in 1973, which became a hit because of its small size and durability. The company sold OM series products for around 30 years.

The new OM-D model will be offered in the United States, Europe and some Asian countries as the top model of the company's digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera series, selling for above 100,000 yen in Japan.

The new model resembles the OM-1 film camera and is equipped with high-speed autofocus and image stabilization functionality as well as 16 megapixel resolution.